Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travels in Europe

A few months ago I was presented with an interesting opportunity. My employer was looking for a sales engineer to work on a new project to develop sales in Europe. I was selected in part because I speak French. So since then I have spent 20 days in various parts of Europe and now I can blog about my experiences.
Of course Paris is where I have spent the most time, 10 days in all. I walked most of the time while there and covered several miles each day. My French came back very quickly and I had little trouble communicating with everyone, from late-night chats with hotel desk attendants to business presentations.
I hope that I can share a few things here that will be of interest here in our blog. My favorite cities, sights and food are few of the things I hope to blog about now and as I continue to spend time across the pond.

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