Saturday, June 28, 2008


To share some of the great sights I saw while in Europe, I am going to include some pictures in our blog. This one was taken from the roof of the Duomo in the heart of Milan, Italy. I have tried to avoid sights that require money, however this one was too good to pass up. It cost 5 Euro to climb the seemingly endless spiral staircase from street level to the roof, but the view and the experience are definitely worth it. The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele is the main building in view, with the arched entrance and the glass roof. It is considered the worlds oldest shopping mall.
What was amazing to me about the Duomo, which is the second largest cathedral is Europe, is all of the statues at the top of spires. Considering that each had to be carved by hand I have a hard time imagining how many hours of work went into the building of this church. It shows the emphasis that people placed on glorifying God by building the churches.
Milan was my favorite city from this latest trip. Not too huge but clean and very affluent, with a few very cool sights to visit. If you go there just remember to register early for a time to see Davinci's Last Supper, as there is generally a two-week backlog.

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Mama Bear said...

How fun that you get to travel in Europe for work! I'm sure you are enjoying that! How is Kiersten doing? We are anxiously awaiting news of the new baby! Only a few weeks left! :)