Friday, January 9, 2009

First tooth

Dylan got his first tooth today. It was not there last night but this morning as he was attacking my cheerioes and I gave him one, I saw something. I put my finger in his mouth and his bottom front right tooth is there. It is so cute.
He also had some real food today. Everytime he sees food he lets us know with his noises that he wants some and as we were making banana bread today, I took out some of the mashed bananas and gave him a little. He wanted more than a little but that is all we did.


Mama Bear said...

His first tooth! He's growing up...where are the pictures? :) Nora still doesn't have any teeth yet! I'm surprised because Meredith already had 2 at 6 months! Hope you guys are doing well!

V and Co. said...

hi! so you have a blog! good to see what you guys are up to!
we're doing just great. jake's home for good now, so all is good!