Thursday, July 31, 2008

Portraits for 5

Well, we decided to try to get pictures of Dylan today. Of course then we realized that we should probably do the same for the other 4 kids as well since it had been over two years by our best guess since we had set foot in a portrait studio.  So in a moment of temporary insanity we booked an appointment, bathed and dressed up the whole bunch, and ran off to Sears for a sitting. Two and a half hours later, with only a few bribes, we emerged with some really cute pictures. That turned out to be the easy part of our first trip out with all 5 kids.  Wal-Mart was an experience that Kiersten has vowed never to repeat. I had to carry a screaming Luke out to the car with Parker pushing a crying Will in the cart as Kiersten went through the checkout with a newborn in her arms and Lily whining for Daddy. The funniest part was that Luke tried to cover my eyes so that I couldn't see where I was going, which only ended up getting him in more trouble. Now that we have recovered from our excursion, we realized that some of you might like to see the results of our big day out.


Kim said...

What an excursion! I have a hard enough time with my one (although I must say it has gotten a lot easier with time). Five, I'm not sure I could handle that :) You guys are superstars in my books.

Nicole said...

Those pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL... and down the road you will hopefully forget about the Wal-mart experience!